by Dying Adolescence

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this ep was written over the last few months of 2016

thankyou to everyone in my life i love you all so much



released January 30, 2017

all songs written and recorded by michael barker

album photo by filip zemcik



all rights reserved


Dying Adolescence Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: lonely
will you hold me when theres nothing left to hold
cause im scared if i grow old ill die alone
but maybe its to late, it must be fate
cause suicide fills my head and wants me dead

i fucking hate the idea of romance
its all made up and i dont understand
cant you see that its doubtfully free
get married and have kids well thats not me
Track Name: warm lights. will it be alright?
what do i do
with my feelings for you
well i dont know
no no no

warm lights
will it be alright
with your glow
will you let me know

noise fills my brain
it makes me feel insane
but only you
can help me through

hold my hand
whenever you can
but please dont
ever let me go

these memories
only bring me to tears
it makes me sad
please dont leave like my dad

when im with you
i dont feel so blue
but i
still cry
every night

you wont
tell me
whats wrong
im alone
please help me

warm lights. will it be alright?
Track Name: crazy
i walk this road
all alone
i dont know where to go
just dont take me home

i lay in bed
i know hes dead
i just need some rest
from the thoughts in my head

please hold me tight
its cold outside
will you stay tonight
but dont turn off the lights

dont walk away
why cant things be the same
cause these feelings
are only here to stay

am i going crazy
i dont wanna be
if im going crazy
oh dont let me be
Track Name: bedtime, goodnight
i dont understand
why i am, who i am
but when im dead
i guess ill know then

am i so lonely
will you only hold me
but dont you leave
im scared please stay with me

in my bedroom
is where i lose my cool
and you wont know
and i wont show

why cant i sleep
why do my dreams haunt me
i maybe sick or crazy
oh honey wont you save me

i cannot pretend
i should try while i can
time waisting
stop pretending
live a life that you want to live
Track Name: two loners (feat. Mara)
two casual loners
a little awkward
stuck in my dream
im losing it
but am i happy
when i am lonely
if you want to
you can control me

slow water moving
im losing feeling
of my body
while i am falling
i sing a song
for you to know
how i feel
when im alone